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The Canadian Cottage kitchen is always full of the highest quality hand crafted treats. But if we were away, this is what we would order.  A deep and gooey pecan pie, a pair of award winning butter tarts, a bag of 4 generous Nanaimo bars, 9 delicate maple sandwich cookies, traditional maple fudge, 3 soft peanut butter cookies, 3 chewy chocolate chip cookies, and half a dozen mind blowingly rich peanut butter truffles. This gives plenty of choice at your dinner party for chocolate lovers, nut lovers, pie lovers and biscuit lovers. All perfectly balanced flavours and charming tidy portions. Order in advance and request a delivery date in the "special instructions to seller". Free delivery as always.

Contains: wheat, milk, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, hazelnuts, coconut, and eggs.